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Review of howard zinn’s ‘A Peoples history of the United states, 1492 – present’, from my Amazon customer review


Only in the West could such a foolish collection of nonsense get any kind of reception. I consider this piece of trash must be textbooks in college courses – such is the sad state of affairs – and shudder.

Now, in the 21st century, Zinn’s kind of condemnatory “history” is conventional. This is the view of history that’s standard in most media accounts of America’s past, as well as much of academia down to kindergarten. The Left won the culture wars. …For now.

But there are no better examples of just how warped these trendy accounts of our history can get. Zinn’s “people’s history” is a silly, Marxist wet dream – a twisted-fable world in which everything Western, everything white and Northern European, everything not embued with supernatural grace of socialist egalitarianism, is utterly demonic. There’s never been a thought or act of America’s political class not steeped in evil. There’s never been a thought or act of white Americans not just as atrocious. Zinn’s black and white, unshaded worldview belongs in a collection of fairy tales, not in any legitimate history.

Few are so foolish as to believe this country was founded or populated by saints, that its Western expansion wasn’t brutal and blood-drenched, or that slavery was anything but abominable. But within our history are incredibly insightful if not inspiring passages, as well. What is the Consitution, if not effort to frame workable democracy as liberal as possible? It stands, after all, tattered by the last decade, but certainly viable. All Marxist states save North Korea have ended up on the ash heap of history. History… reality… best all ideology – especially that as shabby and counter-intuitive as Zinn’s.

If Western interaction with Native Americans was “genocidal”, how did any escape extermination? Who’s living on those reservations today (amounting to about 15 percent of American geographic space)? How did intermarriage factor in their “disappearance”? Was their socialization so unsuccessful, or are we merely told that it is and was? …Told by frauds like Zinn.

Slavery? Slavery existed in every part of the globe. It exists today – in the precious Third World. Only the West ever made war to abolish it. Does that count? Not to Zinn. His view of the American Civil War is that it was launched to prevent slave rebellions from expanding to end capitalism itself. This is one of the stupidest of Zinn’s assertions – and certainly his book has a trove of them. Howard, please, there’s never been a successful, long-lasting alternative to capitalism installed anywhere in the world – EVER. Remember the past 20 years? Where have you been? Singing Pete Seeger songs and roasting marshmallows around the old proletarian campfire? Enlisting Hello Kitty in your Great Leap Forward?

History is nuanced. It’s complicated. It needs balanced rendering. Zinn’s history is thoroughly corrupted by his Marxist agenda, and so worthless.

Unless this junk is assigned in a class, do yourself a favor and take a pass.



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Paler shader of profiling… perhaps?

“Much of our reaction to cases like this one is built on what we assume other people are like, regardless of what we know about them as individuals. That’s what turns a kid walking down the street with candy in his pocket into a threat that should be met with a gun at the ready.” [Paul Waldman, CNN]

…And what turns George Zimmerman into a racist vigilante.

A lot of high-minded analyses like these seem to come from an America far removed from realities of street-level locales like the one where this tragedy played out. A homeowner defending his family with a gun isn’t “Hollywood fantasy” if it happens in real-life – and it does. “Profiling” is civic horror unless the street is dark, the situation dicey, and I’m the one strategizing the next move.

This case is all about race, but not in the way you evidently assume. In immediate aftermath of the shooting, media took a look at Zimmerman’s last name and assumed they had one of the rare racist outrages our information industry seems so primed for. This is blinkered reasoning that turned the Duke lacrosse team rape fraud into such a circus, and turns a blanket-wrapped street person into an Oberlin College Bigfoot Klansman. This case never was a civil-rights milestone. It became one through efforts of a cynical, corrupt media for which emotion trumps reason, sensationalism flattens fact.

This is a comment I left on this CNN post, 7/14/2013


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Don’t look for help from ‘above’

NOTE: This is a comment posted on AlterNet, that site forsworn to creaky old Marxist Answers for Everything. It looks at the coming ‘apocalypse’ and praises lame ‘blowback’ like blow-jobbie Occupy Wall Street.


When ‘Occupy’ began, its only promise was its specificity: Its sole target was banking and investment industries. Grassroots movement should emerge to change current set-up, dump the adjustable interest rate, re-regulate finance (especially those time bombs, derivatives), and again separate commercial and investment banking. Focus on that, and there may be a chance to bring these dragons to heel. Unless it’s done, we’re on our way to another collapse, possibly worse than the last one. Our prostitute Congress won’t do so.

Occupy dissolved when it became yet another tired old cow of the establishment Left. Once anyone or any group begins prattling exhausted, tattered terms like “resistance”, “solidarity” and all the rest of the Marxist hogwash, it’s gone. People simply will stop listening. There should have been outreach to the early tea party movement, when it emerged as protest of the Bush bank bailout, before it was co-opted by the health-care industry as stooge against “Obamacare”. But because this movement was made up mostly of white, working class folk, it was ridiculed and dismissed by the Cabernet proletariat.

We need a new Left – one that doesn’t tout failed political gibberish like Marxism, one that isn’t forsworn to junking capitalism (practical alternative, anyone?), and one that represents all American workers – even those cursed by whiteness of skin – instead of fronting idiotic brainstorms of coddled, trust-fund “radicals”. No more identity politics (let that stuff retreat to nonsense duchies of American academia), no more living in the past regarding issues like race, no more Bibles, cults, silly wandering philosopher/candle dippers.

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Calm fanatics of the salon Left

(Paul) Krugman also is on to something when he talks about paying a price for past sins. I don’t think suffering is good, but I do believe that we have to pay a price for past sins, and the longer we put it off, the higher the price will be. And future sufferers are not necessarily different people than the past and present sinners. That’s too easy. Sure let’s raise taxes on the rich. But that’s not going to solve the problem. The problem is the great, deluded middle class—subsidized by government and coddled by politicians. In other words, they are you and me. If you make less than $250,000 a year, Obama has assured us, you are officially entitled to feel put-upon and resentful. And to be immune from further imposition.

That’s New Republic’s ex-premier Michael Kinsley seeing the speck in pop economist Krugman’s eye and missing the beam in his own.

For liberals like Kinsley, it’s narrow gulf between austerity and pet social experiments (however failed) like urban renewal, busing, imminent domain claim-jumping, and classroom political indoctrination. If we’re going to fuck with people, why not make a buck or two off it; subsistence-level existence for the many tamps inflation for the few. Is that such a bad thing? Kinsley and his friends are part of that few.

But the most disturbing aspect of this circumstance – and Kinsley multiplied a few million times – is how effortlessly liberals suspend rational consideration and any sense of fairness and true morality for emotional gut judgement and childish hallucination of right and wrong. We’ve been bad, so we must be punished. Since this punishment will fall on those least able to cope with it, it will be justified by pet liberal delusions about America – full of racists, homophobes and sexist child molesters. …A big evil blob of degeneracy without rationally appraised indicators, individual determinates or redemptive potential. Evidence is history exaggerated by legend, bigfoot Klansmen haunting Oberlin campus, and occasional graffiti. Contradictory facts are denied or ignored.

If this were a Buttfuck store porch in 1930, and a lynch mob had collected, Kinsley would be the calm fanatic fetching a rope.

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Dear John: It still doesn’t add up

Our ambassador to the United Nations during the Bush Era get a surprisingly indulgent interview at TakiMag this week. I couldn’t resist commenting, of course:

Interventionist, esq.

Interventionist, esq.

So we need to keep the world ringed with military bases, at astronomical cost, and intervene with armed aggression in regions and countries, to –

– Help preserve security and stability in the world. Only this massively expensive empire has never done that. Wherever our military is most concentrated as armed military force, now in the Mideast and South Asia, is that part of the world most unstable and blood-drenched.

– To maintain free and open markets. Free and open markets operate in spite of militant intimidation and policing, not because of it. Commerce hates war, it never has been enhanced by it.

– “A strong international position helps preserve a strong domestic way of life.” …And a shredded Constitution, almost police-state surveillance, and now perhaps even drone attacks on our backyard barbecues.

For a decade, demented hacks like Bolton told us up is down, night is day and black is white. It’s time to stop listening. …Or stay stupid. From 1865 to 1941, even interrupted by the Great Depression, this country became economic titan not because we were the world’s policeman, because in those decades we were not. Our slow decay has been since we’ve been blinded by globalism and our security-state responsibility to keep the world orderly or at least impotent. We’ve brought it and ourselves little but destruction and decline. Enough.

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Separating ‘Girls’ from ‘boy, she’s fat’

I keep thinking about something I wrote on my main page a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe I was too hard of “Girls” , that execrable piece of HBO shit bad not so much that its heroine is a whiney cow that’s now talk of the town back East, but because it’s the talk of the town back East. If this show was half as hilarious as fascinations of pampered white women that keep it aloft, maybe “Girls” would be a genuine hit instead of another New York ghetto bauble.

Look. Kids. Postmodernists are full of shit. There IS objective truth. Here’s one that’s unescapable: Dunham is dumpy and unattractive. That’s just the way it is. May not be fair. May not fit filmy utopian ideals of brain-dead liberal-arts grads, but there you are.

I’m sure she’s precious to someone, or perhaps will be in her life. It’s safe to say her mom probably holds her in high esteem. But even she would agree Dunham shouldn’t drop drawers on national TV. Even a touch of cellulite is waaaay too much; possibly there’s a part of Dunham that isn’t jelled up, but for some reason she’s chosen not to show it.

It’s her show. She can do what she wants. Certainly no one would hire her to go naked before the world. Commercially viable bodies must fit certain parameters Dunham wouldn’t match if an infinite number of plastic surgeons with an infinite number of scalpels tried carving out an esthetic silk purse from this paunchy sow’s ear.

“Girls” is popular because most women identify with chubby, flat broads as likely to draw lustful stares as a rhino to wax a car. They do so because they themselves sit on the same mud fence.

…At least now they’ve got a role model.

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I got your hate speech, right here

British legal establishment and at least one comedian are voicing protest at some aspects of England’s relatively new, inarguable foolish “hate speech” laws.

Rowan Atkinson backed a campaign to change the law in October, attacking a “creeping culture of censoriousness” which he said was having a “chilling effect on free expression and free protest”.

Police and prosecutors have been accused of being over-zealous in their interpretation of the section of the Act which outlaws threatening, abusive and insulting words or behaviour.

Any censorship – which is exactly what such laws are – has chilling effect on free expression, protest, press and speech. There’s no way around it. Censorship is mark of governments that don’t trust their citizens, and governments that don’t trust their citizens evolve very easily, and with startling alacrity, into tyranny.

There’s simpler procedure to awful stuff we come across: If we find it offensive or sexist or racist, or who cares what, don’t look at it. Nobody owes or can guarantee us lives in which our feelings, esthetics or precious sense of self are never hurt.If we’re adults, we should know this by now; if we don’t, now we do. I’ve just taken care of that for us.

If you’re a child, where are your parents? And why are they letting you cruise an unfiltered Internet, TV or book?

We’re slowly being acclimated to ugly, agenda-driven “hate” censorship by nonsense like FaceBook’s “patrolling”. Every “hate speech” law everywhere is censorship. If we’re honest, we’ll admit that. There are millions of great reasons for censorship and censorship is always a bad idea. Here’s universal criteria of what constitutes “hate”: Anything I don’t like.”

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